MSNBC’s Chris Matthews quietly uttered “Oh God” listening to speech!

February 26, 2009



MSNBC’s Chris Matthews quietly uttered “Oh God” before giving speech!


The ultra right wing conservative  reports something so news worthy and shocking that we here almost fear to reprint it… so we will just link to it instead. We truly feel important news like this need be made known to all.


News fit for those who stand at the edge of the abyss to mock the damned…


Slice of Laodicea Comes This Close to Saying The Word Fart!

February 26, 2009


Slice of Laodicea  plethora of research discernmentalists was know to quote the following “These new churches have taken the man-centered philosophy of the original seeker churches and placed it on steroids. It has become farcical.” ODMafia thinks that the word “Farcical” is wavering FAR too close to the word FART. We do not support nor condone the use of the word “Farcical” because it is far to close to that other worldly word that we do not plan on using again. We’ve reached our quota of bad words.

Shame on you Slice of Laodicea!!! Choose your words carefully.

ODMafia thinks Slice of Laodicea’s Pink Banner Too Close to Communist Red

February 26, 2009



We all know that communists like the colour red. Just check out the old Soviet flag. Its red. We at the ODMafia have highly skilled research robot monkey’s scowering the internet for unbiblical colours. Pink is an unbiblical colour due to the reference “communist pinko,” and it just happens that Slice of Laodicea uses it as a banner.

ODM’s can never approve of communism because it is godless. We can however approve of Godly capitalism – even though it has been used to enslave children, exploit the poor in the third world, used as a ticket to overthrow other democracies when they interfere with OUR form of capitalism. This is biblical capitalism….and all ODM’s must conform to it.

A word to Slice of Laodicea….drop your banner and we will continue to support and encourage your regular self-righteous platitudes…. otherwise they are just plain commie-pinko platitudes.

Be warned we are against pinko communism.

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