I. Toldyaso Forced To Grow Up

February 28, 2009



In a recent spat with Apprising, I. Toldyaso was forced to grow up using specially calibrated manure from various Online Discernment Ministries. Our upgraded research robot monkeys have been carefully observing Itoldyaso’s growth spurts. For clarification Itoldyaso has been under average in height for most of his life (ie 5 ‘2″) and the offer to ‘grow up’ has had extraordinary benefits.

Using the aforementioned specially calibrated manure generously offered to us by ODM’s we have charted Idoldyaso’s growth spurts.

Day 1: 5′ 2″

Day 2: 5′ 9″

Day 3: 5′ 14″

Day 4: 6′ 8″

Day 5: 7’2

IToldyaso was excracted from the manure pile on day 5 due to the extraordinary growth offered to us by Apprising Ministries, Eric Barger’s Take A Stand, and Slice of Laodicea and many others. We do not recommend anyone using manure from the following ministries since it could be dangerous to your health.

PS  IToldyaso is now officially the largest and tallest Online Discernmentalist in the world. ODmafia is very proud!

The Death of Discernment By Eric Barger From Take A Stand Ministries.

February 28, 2009



ODMafia notes that Eric Barger and his keen staff using the Bible Based Satellite (BS) the “death of discernment.” An anonymous source stated “he should know!”

Eric Barger in his punchy prose comments about the new book THE SHACK “Several chapters into the book, a most unorthodox version of the Holy Trinity is revealed. Young’s tale diminishes Almighty God from His rightful position as a supernatural being. Instead of speaking by His Word and His Spirit, He is morphed into a feminine figure reduced to passing notes to those whom she wants to communicate with.” Now ODMafia prides itself from never reading any books (especially secular books), or false teaching books like The Shack….but doesn’t the use of literature and devices such as metaphor communicate and express things in a ways to stretch our thinking about the world in a different way? Does it have to spell everything out? Ooops. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. We should agree with Eric, because he has mostly likely quoted himself as an authority in reference to The Shack.

Eric is certainly right….Discernmentalism is at an all time low.

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