I. Toldyaso Forced To Grow Up



In a recent spat with Apprising, I. Toldyaso was forced to grow up using specially calibrated manure from various Online Discernment Ministries. Our upgraded research robot monkeys have been carefully observing Itoldyaso’s growth spurts. For clarification Itoldyaso has been under average in height for most of his life (ie 5 ‘2″) and the offer to ‘grow up’ has had extraordinary benefits.

Using the aforementioned specially calibrated manure generously offered to us by ODM’s we have charted Idoldyaso’s growth spurts.

Day 1: 5′ 2″

Day 2: 5′ 9″

Day 3: 5′ 14″

Day 4: 6′ 8″

Day 5: 7’2

IToldyaso was excracted from the manure pile on day 5 due to the extraordinary growth offered to us by Apprising Ministries, Eric Barger’s Take A Stand, and Slice of Laodicea and many others. We do not recommend anyone using manure from the following ministries since it could be dangerous to your health.

PS  IToldyaso is now officially the largest and tallest Online Discernmentalist in the world. ODmafia is very proud!

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