From faith to doubt to certain undoubtedly faithful uncertainty… all doubtful! I am certain of this!

Ken Silva (lovingly known as my Affectionate Uncle and Editor at CRN.con} is going head to head with a certain faithless and no doubtful certainly uncertain “pastor” Jerry at and Analysis. We agree that Jerry is just plain wrong that “doubt leads to faith”.  Ken states clearly in his rebuttal to Jerry’s assertion by stating, ““Doubt is not sin”; really? You wouldn’t know that by what Jesus-God Himself in human flesh-told His disciples or the way the Lord rebukes those with a lack of faith i.e. doubting/disbelieving.”

We love and are inspired by the high level of reading comprehension Ken Silva has as is shown by his rebuttal.

Jerry seems to claim that without first seeing and coming to realize our doubt we then cannot turn to God in faith for salvation… Ken seems to say the doubt is sin and that Jesus rebuked those who doubted Him.

Jerry asserts that one needs to confess that we doubt to receive faith… while Ken just says sin is sin and we need to somehow just get saved without seeing our sin.

Of course we agree with Ken Silva (we say this to heal the riff that has come between us and him)

Now before anyone else seems uncertain as to the faithlessness of doubting and how one gets saved that is your own problem. If you were one of us, the very Elect of God, you would “just know” as Ken Silva teaches. If you are saved and part of the remnant you will “just know”.

 Knowledge is power and the Gospel of OUR Doctrines will expose anyone who claims that seeing out doubt can help us find faith… we expose false teaching like this with our fellow Truth Warriors.


5 Responses to From faith to doubt to certain undoubtedly faithful uncertainty… all doubtful! I am certain of this!

  1. Dan says:


    You are as bad as Ken. You probably didn’t even read what I wrote, did you? I don’t know how anyone can agree with Pastor/Teacher Silva. I know he didn’t read the .info post or else he would not have disagreed with it. He merely reacted to the title and the blog where it was posted. I’m sure that’s what you did. Gosh. Buy some reading glasses.



  2. itodyaso says:


    Not only do we take “You are as bad as Ken.” as a compliment, we hope to be much worse than Ken will ever be!

    I. Todyaso


  3. truthslayer says:

    Dan, like many other online discernment ministries we make a habit of not reading anything at all… that is what makes OUR discernmentalism far more discerning than any and all other discernment ministries.

    We don’t make mistakes….everyone else does. (-:


  4. Jerry says:

    Typical of an ADM! Circle the wagons. I’m surprised you even allowed my comments here. You should be more like your hero Pastor/Teacher/Reformer Silva and not allow comments at all. You should be real ‘men’ and just spout off any old drivel you want and then prevent any rationale discussion or contrary opinions.

    And what’s up with hiding behind masks and false names and fake gravatars? Out yourselves. Typical–just like Silva can’t even put a real picture next to your fake names. I’m glad you got banned from Covenant Eyes.


  5. itodyaso says:

    I guess we could hide behind a garden scene or bird picture.

    But in a sense you are right… Not that I am ever wrong, but if I did this all over again, I would not use any picture at all like my mentor (He mentored me when I read his blog) Ken Silva.

    Yes, there are no known photographs of Ken Silva. One time someone thought they found one on Facebook, yet I suspect it was not really Ken, but a picture of Jon Voight and not really Ken. This has given rise to the Urban Legend that Ken Silva is not a real person. I suggest that no group of people can imitate Ken Silva. There can only be one.

    Soon we will be looking toward the Quickening… yes, in the ODM world there can only be one. I suspect that in the end though, the ODMafia will be held up as the model of integrity compared to other ODM’s and in that we are proud.

    Now go away and bother your goldfinches in your laodicean gardens.

    I. Todayso


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