Slice of Laodicea Thankful for Not Being Part of The False Church


“After seeing the destruction the enemy is wreaking with false churches today, I wanted to share something to encourage hearts.” says researchers from Slice of Laodicea. So in order to encourage hearts Slice of Laodicea has uploaded 10 minutes of Slice of Laodicea opening and closing pages of a King James Bible in 128 bit audio.”The rustling of the printed pages moves me to tears” wrote Bob Smartz from Ozington Michigan. “I get misty eyed” wrote Janine Japopsky from Iowa.

Click to here excerpt. (This will open your media player)

The Online Discernmentalist Mafia has enjoyed Slice of Laodicea’s high end audio recordings that we plan to release several versions:

Slice of Laodicea Unplugged

Slice of Laodicea’s Righteousness Enhanced Edition

Slice of Laodicea’s low-fi monotone version (also can find other monotone versions at Crosstalk interviews) This is also known as the MONOTONOUS version and most widely listened too.


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