Searching for singers to sing Ken Silva’s Universalist songs!

March 2, 2009

If you are new here since we have broke this story, here is how it all breaks down so far.

We here at the ODMafia, decided to make some quick calls around to see who in the Emerging Church might want to use Ken Silva’s songs in their worship services.

Here is their responses:

Rob Bell: We heard faintly in the background, “Whose calling? Screw them! And I am a Universal Atonement believer not Universalist!” The phone then went dead and Rob Bell made not further comment.

Mark Driscoll: “Hell no! They are not sexy enough nor Calvinist enough! In fact as I looked them over I think Ken Silva may be a heretic!”

Greg Boyd: “LOL!”

Brian McLaren: “I can really sympathize with someone who must hide their true beliefs out of fear. I am praying about using his songs to support him in hopes Ken will find the cowarge to not only show his face on the Internet, but also truly state what he does believe.”

Tony Jones: “I support anyone who is still in the closet and I am glad that Ken Silva now believes gays, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and undecided can now be practicing Christians. ”

Doug Pagitt: “You know I am running for public office right now and really need your support. I am also doing a daily talk show and….” We hung up.

Scot McKnight: “I think we will pass on this as we will stay in the more traditional vien of the fiath.”

Andrew Jones: “No, I am not Tony’s brother… but a lot of people seem to make that mistake.”

Anthony Smith: “Ken Silva is not relevant in my circle as I come from a black pentocostal background.”

We are still searching for anyone in the emerging church who will use Ken’s songs. We are here to support Ken Silva and his Apprising Universalist Ministries in any way we can.

Ken Silva wants hired gun to sing his Universalist songs!

March 2, 2009



Once again the circle of conspiracy and deception clouds the Onling Discernment Ministry Business. What is the cause of this cloud? Ken Silva, the newest Unitarian song writer as exposed here on the ODMafia now wants to hire others to sing his songs! He does not care to sin himself, and we are at least glad he does not want to. We also admire that he is keeping in the traditions of the Sadducees who hired others to do their dirty work of sin. So we here are worried about this cloud and elated at the same time that Ken Silva can carry the traditions of former ODM’ers of Jesus day.

Are you confused? We aren’t and if we were we would not state it here!

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