Christian based Internet Filter attacks this ministry!

March 5, 2009

Covenant Eyes


I was amazed as I was looking over links to people who have come here. It seems that  Covenant Eyes has banned us over John Piper’s usage of the word “Crap“! Or is it that they are just blocking anything related to the emerging church?

 This is our battle. Yes, the emerging church and John Piper have cause us great duress and we are truly being martyred for our stand for holiness. We apparently cannot tell others how Holy we are and tell you how unholy others are as we will be censored by other Christian ministries.

We here say click on “Allow just this site” and be set free by our truth.


I. Todayso

Apprising on the New Monasticism

March 5, 2009


Apprising Ministries using their keen sense of research and carefully crafted wording noted with clever whit the sham of Shane Claiborne’s new monasticism and Rob Bell of the Emerging Church rebellion against Sola Scripture. We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia fully support Apprising’s appraisal….we are against any so called Christians who renounce worldly pursuits to fully devote to God’s work. Moreover, ODMafia’s stance for absolute truth means that we will NOT tolerate groups of Christians attempting to live together in community – this is the very act of REBELLION. In addition, ODMafia fully supports the Discernmentalist doctrine of Solo-Scriptura…we interpret-the-bible-the-way-we-see-fit and everyone else needs to submit.

We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia stand by this and if you challenge us, you are a weed, apostate or heretic (or maybe all three). Remember, we don’t make mistakesyou do!

PS We are short on money and need it fast for more Discernmentalist Projects.


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