Billy Graham Sliding Into Apostasy

March 8, 2009



Shane Trammel’s Blog (STB) a sharp, exhibition of clear thinking and expertise in copying the works of Apprising Ministries has something to say! Thankfully, STB like other Discernmentalist sharp shooting discernmentalists has developed through joint funding a Discernmentalist Photocopy Machine with the acronym “Photocopy-Accurately-Discerning” (PAD).  PAD allows STB to fully reproduce without error Apprising Ministries in all its glory! We fully support you.

Moreover, STB provided its own startling yet riveting commentary  “I think it’s worth pointing out, as you read Pastor Silva’s post, that former Presidents Clinton and Carter spoke at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library… I am talking about The New Baptist Covenant, a gathering of mostly liberal ‘Baptist’ (moderate really is not fitting). Check out the site and do some research. I think you will find reason for concern. It is my humble opinion that the presidency of both these men was disgraceful primarily due to their liberal ‘Christian’ worldview. Make your own assessment and share it with us all.”


First, STB is definitely humble…we saw him on TV the other night declaring himself to be so. Second, we also endorse the research method of guilt by association. In other words if Billy was seen with a liberal…he MUST also be one too.

We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia will be beginning a “guilt by association research forum” next week to aid in aiding other sharp minded Discernmentalists in investimigations against the absolute truth. Guilt by association…this enables ODM’s across the world to forgo research and save money!

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