Phil Johnson loses his Hugh Jass!

March 11, 2009

Phil Johnson AKA Hugh Jass

With great saddness we are told that not only has Phil Johnson deleted  Schleuterized his Hugh Jass website, but it seems he has removed it from the internet archives as well. Many will miss Phil Johnson’s Hugh Jass and the whole Hugh Jass family he created… forever gone will be “Omar Gosh” and “Mick Stup”.

We will miss Hugh Jass’s attack against those fighting fundees…

But thank God Phil is not one of them! And now fights against foul mouth people like Mark Driscoll…

I am sure some really will miss Phil Johnson acting as a Hugh Jass

Long live Martin Luther!

I. Todyaso



Don’t be like foul mouth Mark Driscoll! Be more like Martin Luther!

March 11, 2009


Luther the pure and holy great reformer once said…

Warning: this quote contains strong language!

“Yes, we afterward established in our decretals that only the pope should convoke councils and name the participants.” But dear one, is this true? Who commanded you to establish this? “Silence, you heretic! What comes out of our mouth must be kept!” I hear it—which mouth do you mean? The one from which the farts come? (You can keep that yourself!) Or the one into which the good Corsican wine flows? (Let a clog shit into that!) “Oh, you abominable Luther, should you talk to the pope like this?” Shame on you too, you blasphemous, desperate rogues and crude asses—and should you talk to an emperor and empire like this? Yes, should you malign and desecrate four such high councils with the four greatest Christian emperors, just for the sake of your farts and decretals? Why do you let yourselves imagine that you are better than crass, crude, ignorant asses and fools, who neither know nor wish to know what councils, bishops, churches, emperors—indeed, what God and his word—are? You are a crude ass, you asspope, and an ass you will remain!” – Against the Roman Papacy, an Institution of the Devil. 1545.

Yes, do not be like Mark Driscoll, be more like Martin Luther!

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