Phil Johnson reveals his Hugh Jass once again!

Pastor Hugh Jass aka Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson seems to be revealing his Hugh Jass once again! What a glorious day it is that Phil can share with all his Hugh Jass! I have personally never been so excited about Phil Johnson’s Hugh Jass as I am now.

Click here to see it while you can! Who knows if it will be here tomorrow. Or click here to see the Save Phil Johnson’s Hugh Jass reconstruction project page. We know, it’s a little janky, but we are working on it. Special thanks to commentor, Eagle Eye Mark S. for pointing out that the site was back up! Eagle Eye Mark S. also is the inspiration for the Save Phil Johnson’s Hugh Jass project. Oh and be sure to tell Phil Johnson how much you appreciate his Hugh Jass.

5 Responses to Phil Johnson reveals his Hugh Jass once again!

  1. […] Recently, some less critical of Driscoll have pointed out that Phil Johnson is behaving somewhat inconsistent since he himself has employed coarse language and engaged in cutting satire in the creation of a parody against some Fundamentalists under an offensive pseudonym. […]


  2. […] is the site: Limbaugh Love-N-Diet! Dr. Seymore Spurgeon and Phil Johnson can vouch for the benefits of El Rushbo’s site. Here are some of the presents results of […]


  3. […] Johnson and his Hugh Jass as well as our own Dr. I. Todyaso recommend the Ken Silvan Discernmentalist Center for  […]


  4. […] to the inspiration of Phil Johnson—his Hugh Jass-ness himself—we’ve created our own line of Motivational Posters for all True Truth Warriors of the […]


  5. […] hand man of the Ways of the Master himself taught us all we know in how to be a Hugh Jass. Phil revealed his Hugh Jass when he made a site to expose all to the truth of King James Onlyism. Just like him we made this […]


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