Oh what tangled weaves we web! Slice promotes Roman Catholic Chesterton!

March 17, 2009

Oh what tangled weaves we web! Slice promotes Roman Catholic Chesterton!


Yes, I was shocked, befuddled and greatly more disturbed than I already am when I read what was at Slice of Laodicea!


It is bad enough a good Calvinist like Piper will quote a heretic RCC, but then to see that Ingrid endorses the quote still has me shaking in self righteous fever!


Piper cites G.K.Chesterton’s insightful description of that which is now fully fledged relativism.  The word ‘arrogance’ is used to hijack the term ‘conviction,’ and on the other side, ‘humility’ is used to hijack ‘uncertainty.’  In fact, the quote, from 1908, is so good, I will share it here:”



Of course we here at the ODmafia will not assault our readership with the heresy that Ingrid quotes from Piper quoting Chesterton. That would be so inconsistent with the high calling of Discernmentalism and would most likely make our readership barf.


But let me leave you with this thought from Augustine:


It is no great thing to be humble when you are brought low; but to be humble when you are praised is a great and rare attainment.
Humility” ~ Bernard, St.


Yes there is no praise at this horror of Ingrid quoting Piper quoting Chesterton. How can we if we are to stay true to the Creed of the Way of the Master Discernmentalist.


It is a sad day indeed and I am sure that the end is truly near,


I. Todyaso

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