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March 24, 2009


Christian Research Network is another discernmentalist network of keen researchers that point highly discerning bible believing Christians to Apprising Ministries, Ingrid Schlueter, Chris Rosebrough, and other discernmentalists thinkers (wow I ran out of breath!)

What is different about Christian Research Network? They rightly and discermentally claim “The purpose of this site is to not to “reinvent the wheel” in Christian research but to point readers to the existing organizations. Instead of reinventing the wheel (they are too smart for that), the have reinvented the rectangle.…the often neglected and overlooked geometric shape.

We at The Online Discernmentalist Mafia endorse the re-invention of the long forgotten rectangle.

Rick Warren Less Biblical Over Time!

March 24, 2009



Once again Take a Stand Ministries (TSM) using their bible based satellite technology (BS) have zoned in on troubling Rick Warren statements. TSM carefully warns us ” Paul sternly rebuked the Corinthian church for NOT identifying false teachers in their midst (II Cor. 11:1-4). ” and compares Rick Warren’s revealing notation “God warns us over and over not to criticize, compare…”

The Online Discernmentalist Mafia endorses clear, hard hitting judgmentalism for the purpose to discernment ministry, and to reveal our SUPER HOLINESS! If you think you are holy, try submitting to our standard….any self-esteem you have will melt away like butter on a hot stove.

Canada Is Communist Country!

March 24, 2009



As noted previously Slice of Laodicea (SoL) developed the specialized DUMB technology as a discernmentalist tool of discernment. Using DUMB SoL was able to determine that Canada is indeed a Communist nation quietly preparing to INVADE on America.  SoL weighs in with strong evidence “Canada harbours pacifists and rarely goes to war,” this in itself is reflects their anti-Christ political views. SoL also noted “Universal Health Care is unbiblical, they offer free health to the poor, middle class….anyone who is sick – without paying a dime! This is outrageous….a Biblical nation must be forced to pay cash! This has got to stop before it infests America!”

Not to be outdone, with expertise in foreign policy and the use of a Bible Based Satellite (BS) Take A Stand Ministries suggested provocatively “Canada not only harbours terrorists but has been waiting, brooding, and planning to force their will on America. It is time to build a great all on the northern border and along the west coast” The Online Discernmentalist fully endorses the “great wall of America”, but was someone puzzled by the “West” comment. Nevertheless, Discernment Ministries never make mistakes…. So we will not question the statement.

Keeping you informed so you don’t have to do the thinking yourself – the Online Discernmentalist Mafia!

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