Canada Is Communist Country!



As noted previously Slice of Laodicea (SoL) developed the specialized DUMB technology as a discernmentalist tool of discernment. Using DUMB SoL was able to determine that Canada is indeed a Communist nation quietly preparing to INVADE on America.  SoL weighs in with strong evidence “Canada harbours pacifists and rarely goes to war,” this in itself is reflects their anti-Christ political views. SoL also noted “Universal Health Care is unbiblical, they offer free health to the poor, middle class….anyone who is sick – without paying a dime! This is outrageous….a Biblical nation must be forced to pay cash! This has got to stop before it infests America!”

Not to be outdone, with expertise in foreign policy and the use of a Bible Based Satellite (BS) Take A Stand Ministries suggested provocatively “Canada not only harbours terrorists but has been waiting, brooding, and planning to force their will on America. It is time to build a great all on the northern border and along the west coast” The Online Discernmentalist fully endorses the “great wall of America”, but was someone puzzled by the “West” comment. Nevertheless, Discernment Ministries never make mistakes…. So we will not question the statement.

Keeping you informed so you don’t have to do the thinking yourself – the Online Discernmentalist Mafia!

22 Responses to Canada Is Communist Country!

  1. […] Republican American Reich so this is no surprise. Also Obama wants to hand America over to Canada a nation run by satanists that is his evil plan in destroying our God-ordained and God Chosen […]


  2. quootar says:

    Canada will become a communist when i start growing balls from my chin other words Canada is not a communist and it never will be it will stay as a democracy. peace Canada from Australia


  3. itodyaso says:

    Wow! it must be very hard to shave!


  4. bullshithater says:

    Are you guys joking cause no one can be this stupid i mean really. i read this and I almost threw up from see all this s***. Its people like you that end up becoming our beloved crooked politicans who dont know what the hell you are talking about.


  5. itodyaso says:


    Thanks you so much for the compliment. We of course love observant readers like you as you make us feel so much more superior than you. And please vote for me when I leave the USA and become a crooked Canadian politician.

    I. Todyaso


  6. truthslayer says:

    BS Hater, in response to your question, if you go to the top right hand side of the page you will see that we are a satire site. It looks as though the commies have already stolen your brain and replaced it with a monkey version. Please join us against the Canadian commie threat! (-;


  7. quootar says:

    Dr Phil has super powers


  8. […] group of former hockey playing feminists aka the Fernie Swastikas  have fled from Communistic Canuckistan in order to escape to a better life of being a man’s property. We applaud their […]


  9. crammycrab says:

    LOL! okay yah canada has its way with making itself look communist, but honestly your opinion is not well based on facts. If you want more people to understand your view, then have more facts! there’s a lot of things canada is doing that’s wrong, but there’s nothing you can do about it. like, the fact that there has not been found any cures for diseases such as cancer. does that seem proper? they will never tell the public they have found a cure because the government makes sooo much money off of this healthcare system and fundraisers. “free healthcare” is a joke.


    • itodyaso says:

      I will get straight to them point. Our facts are double checked by robot monkeys… as well as checked by other ODMs. Here is how it works. If one ODM states it and another states it as fact on their blog we have the power of two witnesses that means it must be true. Now, if we say it, it is just plain true even if we just made it up! Do not question our authority… we see red in anyone who questions us… and we are quick to judge, condemn and cry “HERETIC!” at a drop of the hat. So if you like Canada, why don’t you go back to Canada you Pinko! And when you do say hi to our international Canadian branch run by Truthslayer (Who may be Canadian, however is a US American in spirit (For his salvations sake!) REPENT!


  10. crammycrab says:

    whoa! whoa! calm down now, i didn’t say i agreed with the way canada is being run and i never disagreed with the fact that canada is corrupt or communist, so calm your temper. and as a matter of fact, how does agreeing with what you say make you a better person. being a christian and believing in God has nothing to do with whether or not you believe that canada is communist. so don’t use “repent” in a non-christian based fact. by stating your opinion on your webpage such as this one, doesn’t change how canada is or will be. i don’t question you, and i agree that canada is communist, but i absolutely don’t agree with putting christianity in a situation like this.


  11. truthslayer says:

    First of all CANADA is a communist country. I’m glad that iTodyaso bravely corrected you from your former heretical ways. Second, I had to become an American and support the Republican party before I felt I could be truly saved. It is best that you are against Universal Health Care as well since taking care of the sick and dying could be a possible pinko plot in which case – YOU- Crammycrab would fall back into supporting communism again.

    Please make extra sure that you repented of anything that would suggest that you support Canada in any way (we also believe that they secretly support Iran and North Korea). It’s all true.


  12. crammycrab says:

    yes i heard about that. i think they possibly might be working with iran and north korea. but i still would say that canada has its up and downs. and so since you seem to be so honest, i might as well say that i’m a canadian citizen and i feel that i should be glad that we are not as off with war as america (NOT THAT I PUT IT AGAINST YOU!!) but, i cannot say that canada is completely bad. if its communist then it is, but it still has good things as well. and so i can say the same about america. that it is bad in ways and good in others. i don’t exactly agree with how george bush put so much money into something like war, perhaps being a large cause to the current recession. but if it matters than know that i am skeptical of all ways and how the government tends to do things to make the lives of citizens even more difficult


  13. truthslayer says:

    Dear Crammy
    Canada has been secretly working with Iran and North Korea since the 1970s. You don’t think that the CN Tower is simply a giant cell/radio/high def tower do you? It is the LARGEST ICBM (not ICBN the book registration)in the world stocked with super-nukes poised to take over and subvert democracies across the world.

    Please repent of being a Canadian citizen, and put all your support behind Bush’s war (even if it’s now Obama’s). Moreover, it is imperative that you believe that Obama is the anti-christ. And finally, if you are against war, you are likely either a) a Manchurian Candidate or b) Commie Pinko (thus Canadian). Case in point.


  14. crammycrab says:

    okay so let me get this straight. you are against communism, yet your still agreeing with Bush’s war. please note that communism is someone who follows Karl Marx’s theory, in which advocating war will make land publicly owned and everyone gets paid to his or her needs . i cannot repent of being a canadian citizen because i would be agreeing with other government systems and how countries are controlled when i don’t. everyone has rights and i disagree with every government system and every country. i’m afraid the entire world is becoming corrupt whether accepted by people as truth or not. sorry if this makes you mad or angry, but that really is how i see things


  15. […] Canada: or Canuckistan is a communist country; full of drug addicts, pacifists and queers; produces sin-promoting television shows […]


  16. Jack says:

    When did the brain-washing start down there?


  17. You are 100% right, my friend. Bravo to you! And here’s proof:

    Lester Pearson was a Soviet spy. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a raging Communist; Pearson put him in as an unknown; press was controlled to prevent public disclosure; and then Trudeau himself destroyed his RCMP file, and planted Communists in charge of CBC and national Police to control the news and suppress investigations. Much more detail here, and commentary by me at the end:



    • truthslayer says:

      LOL – Kathleen, this is satire and your beliefs are delusional. Trudeau definitely on the left but no commie. The CBC as a communist media outlet? Hardly, it was templated on the BBC,and has its share of attacking all political parties.

      I’m wondering why you didn’t also attack Canadian Healthcare….obviously a commie plot to give health to all Canadians…thereby they could subvert the Republican party and take over America. You failed to mention the CN Tower is really a giant ICBM.

      Funny stuff!


  18. Canada is a lot worse than a communist country. It’s a shit country from hell. The people and government are fucking shit. And I want them killed. So I can shit on there wounds.


  19. […] truly fallen since this travesty has been allowed to pollute the Purity of our airwaves. Personally Dr. Truthslayer blames the liberal Commiefied Canada’s involvement with Arthur for this assault on our […]


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