Herescope’s Heretical Hairline



In a strange turn of events Slice of Laodicea using the multi-billion dollar discernmentalist DUMB technology has noted that the discernmentalist creator of Herescope has developed a heretical hairline.  SoL comments “what we are seeing here is pattern baldness that is often adopted by heretics…but we are seeing this more and more in the discernmentalist ministries.”

Take A Stand Ministries withheld comment other than stating “Unless he begins a bible based hair-line treament immediately all financial support will cease.” Apprising Ministries was approached but had no comment.

The Online Discernmentalist Mafia is concerned that heretical pattern baldness could spread to our precious ministry. We therefore advocate hairnets or special discernmentalist hats that are specially blessed by Apprising Ministries to ward of fheretical demons of pattern baldness.

Order our specially discernmentalist anti-heretical pattern baldness hats now and get a FREE pair of steak-knives…all for $19.99. Call while supplies last….operators are standing by: 1-800-HER-ETIC








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