Unity a Cause for Division Says Apprising Ministries

Using their Discernmentalist research, Apprising Ministries noted “False doctrine cries the loudest about unity. It’s when somebody is crying unity, love, and acceptance.” That is when using the H-Ray Detector (ie newly invented Heresy Detector) he was able to zero in on Tony Campolo “supposedly quoting Jesus” with the obviously mistaken quote from John 13:35 – ” By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Apprising Ministries knew immediately that this was a subtle ploy for church unity and quickly posted an updated “Brothers and sisters, we must be careful to judge one another and separate the brethren from wheat and chaff.” The Online Discernmentalist researcher staff was quick to point out that we too re-calibrated the H-Ray Detector coming up with similar results (The H-Ray detector has an accuracy range of up to 50% or more).

Re: we cannot substantiate the second quote from Apprising…. However, we do acknowledge that we can trust their research because other ministries cite their sources, who in turn cite their sources which are again cited by Apprising and then cited again by other recycled sources who also cite Apprising who then cite themselves. We can honestly say that Apprising  Ministries is near cited.


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