Truth Warriors On The Battlefield

Online Discernmentalists were overjoyed when they discovered that the Pentagon has its own ministry of discernmentalism. Apprising Ministries was rumoured to quote “…it is no longer speculation, but we are glad that our own Godly and Christian based government has a Discernmentalist Ministry built into the Pentagon.” A Pentagon spokesman noted that anyone who comes against truth will be decimated by short range nukes, and protected by the Phalanx anti-missile battery. Slice of Laodicea was thrilled (it was reported by a stranger) that America’s enemies of heresy will now be vapourized if untruth persists or doctrines that do not fit their taste come their way. The Online Discernmentalist Mafia was also pleased that all of God’s enemies will be vanquished (and without God’s help)!

Thank You Pentagon for making truth simple and killing easier!

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