Mike Rowe stepping down from “Dirty Jobs”

Exposing the struggles Blog April 1 09


The ODMafia Update Special Report: Mike Rowe announced that he was stepping down from the hit Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs”. He announced he was planning to plant a new Church as he was already used to being “crapped”* on.


Two contenders have risen up for the position as the new host of Dirty Jobs. Rick Warren and John MacArthur both are in heavy negotiations with the Discovery Channel. Rick Warren stated he was used to dirty jobs as he has been a pastor for many years. Meanwhile John MacArthur stated he should get the job as it was predestined and he has had his hands dirty for many years writing books against others and is the leader in the Truth War.


Of course we here at ODMafia are sure to vote for John MacArthur!


*We apologize for such foul language, but it is a direct quote and we desire never to misguide the reader by our editing unless it helps promote OUR cause.

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