JJ Abrams producer of LOST reveals show based on real life discernment ministries!

JJ Abrams reveals that Lost based on real life drama of online discernment ministries. The ODMafia Research robot monkeys interviewimagesed Abrams outlining the basis of LOST “After a mysterious airline crash 48 discernmentalists are left stranded on an island bent on up-keeping truth… and miles away from an internet hook-up. It soon becomes apparent that they will  have to become Truth Warriors against the evil emergent forces  including the island’s secrets, and in addition the Nooma Initiative, the ‘Rick Warren Numbers’, the “others” (or Emergents) and the strange heretical smoke-monster to name a few.”

There is also much more than meets the eye, as it becomes apparent that everyone is connected in some way and that everyone has a purpose to live on the island…

ODMs are looking forward to the ending to see how their REAL LIFE  ordeal will pan out!


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