Mars Discernmentalist Crew Describes Michigan

images1It is well known in Discernmentalist circles that ODMs plan to send Discermentalists to Mars in the cause of truth (no one else is that SERIOUS about truth as we are). A discernmentalist describes his time at the Michigan Research Hab;

“The Michigan Hab is situated in the midst of a barren, red, Emergent-strewn landscape, which is really reminiscent of Mars, especially the scenes familiar to those who have viewed the photographs taken by Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministry Rover or the Slice of Laodicea spacecraft,” said Sven Svendesnord, one of the organisers of Expedition One and President of the Mars Discernment Society of Sweden.

An unnamed spokesman for the ODM stated the following “Truth Warriors must go to Mars and take back the truth…phase 2 of this faux mission will allow truthers to spend more time in researchmentalism in the cause of the truth war…we are unstoppable.” For the final phase before actually flying to Mars in 2018, special ODMs will learn to hold their breath for days at a time.

Some scientists surmise that the real Online Discernment Mars Expedition may run on hot air…. we at ODMafia cannot confirm or deny the existance of this hot air technology.


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