Tim Challies–Time to Clarify says Slice of Laodicea!

images-11Now in from the ODMafia Research Robot Monkeys …according to Slice of Laodicea “Tim Challies today has decided to criticize those blogs that he believes use bad news as “entertainment.” Challies does not bother to specifically address what blogs/bloggers he is talking about, and as a result, anyone who reads a news and views blog can be made to feel that they may be in sin for doing so.” Ingrid felt compelled to reply to Tim Challies.

How dare CHALLIES to not name names!!!!

Our research team asked why SoL posted felt lead to post” I posted a comment under Challies’ post, and those who view the information at Slice as valuable are welcome to weigh in with your views. Slice has never been about entertaining people with the tragic state of evangelicalism. Challies, sitting at a distance and viewing those who have a different calling than his own, feels that he can call into question not only the motives of those such as myself, but also the motives of those who read this blog. He is wrong. (our emphasis)”

…our Research Robot Monkeys have some observations and questions

1) Isn’t SoL sitting at a distance with a ‘calling’ as well?
2) Why is SoL worrying about its own motives if it is not named….which brings up another point….
3) While no names are named….we at ODmafia find it odd that SoL would feel so guilt ridden to have to clarify its position.
4) If SoL has never been about “entertaining people with the tragic state of evangelicalism” what exactly is it about? ODMafia thinks that entertaining people with the tragic state of evangelism  is state of the art discernment….how DARE anyone question our MOTIVES!

Besides WE are above reproach due to our hieghtened discernemenalist abilities!


One Response to Tim Challies–Time to Clarify says Slice of Laodicea!

  1. […] a tough, humanistic-like liberal and won! Challies is so rough, so rugged and mean that he does not name names when it comes to problematic discernmentalists. Yet still, Challies needs to be […]


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