We are the Glue!



I finally thought I could take a couple of weeks off to go on vacation and preach the gospel at some beach in Florida, yet it seems that I solely am the one that is the glue that holds all the ODM’s together. Recently Tim Challies did a sad article on how some ODM sites are just “entertainment”. Though he did not mention names, we here know it was about us… and also Slice of Laodicea. Then Steve Camp also wrote a post at this blog stating he desired to show more “grace” and even mentioned he may sit with Richard Abanes of all people and discuss “things”


Of course we side with Ingrid of Slice who mentioned us in a comment at Steve Camps blog. She was careful to mention us here as I am sure she knew we would side with her.

She stated:


If you are a “brother” to Richard Abanes and are prepared to fellowship with him after he destroyed Ken’s Apprising website, has repeatedly called me and several others “cult-like” and dangerous and sponsored his own Slice mock-up site for months, ridiculing and insulting me online, than something is terribly wrong. Richard continues his slander online and appears at any and every website that references discernment blogs. He is a serpent who shows up at every opportunity to inject venom into the reputation of those of us who seek to warn about false teaching. Steve, you have publicly said you will fellowship with him and have called him brother. Thank you for stating where you stand. I am glad to know that this is how you view unrepentant slanderers. You want to fellowship with someone who finds this funny. Note the comment section. Perhaps my husband should call you. [ Ingrid posted a link to itodyaso ]

Though we reported Steve was becoming less judgmental no one took us serious… and now see what is happening?


we side with you and know that if we are marked as Richard Abanes and other haters state we are, we will also lose revenue! All we ask is that you keep spreading the hate… may our God that hates sinners like Richard Abanes, Tim Challies and Steve Camp prevail! Let those of us who truly understand this Truth War overcome!

I. Todyaso


Note to reader: Richard Abanes does not sponsor this site. We would still take his money… Richard Abanes may comment at times here but does not contribute in any way unless I make fun of him. So Ingrid has committed slander against Richard and this site… but since we are on her side we will overlook this obvious stress related insanity she stated.


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