Rick Warren and Counterfeit Christianity

android_copEric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries (TSM) have revealed through the help of their Bible Based Satellite (BS) “My friend, as you see Dr. Warren on television at the Obama inauguration over the next few days please remember that no matter what he may proclaim these days his books stand as a monument to the “new” look alike and counterfeit Christianity. ” What is this ‘new look’ and ‘counterfeit’ we at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia ask? TSM responds using the best research at their disposal ” We have concluded that Dr Warren and Pres. Obama are androids bent on the destruction of Alaska, two other unnamed states and a province in Canada that we cannot pronounce. Warren and Obama are extremely advanced robots who run on the latest version of Windows Vista.”

We at the Online Discernmentalist Mafia support the complete destruction of Windows Vista in a bid to destroy the counterfeit presidency of Obama and the artificial ministry of Warren.


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