Interpol police detain Discernmentalist Brotherhood blogger

April 11, 2009

truthInterpol police have detained a Discernmentalist  Brotherhood blogger who backed calls for a national day of truth warrior protests against most of the church, security sources said on Sunday.

Police arrested the unnamed RED PEN blogger while he was handing out flyers calling for the protests Monday, the security source said.

The person who runs the blog “My tongue is my red pen” was detained on suspicion of distributing literature promoting the Discernmentalist ‘s ideology and inciting citizens to not think for themselves.

Mars Discernmentalist Crew

April 11, 2009


An international team of discernmentalists (pictured above) has just completed a month-long increment on the Mars Disernmentalist research Station (MDRS) in south-west Michigan; conducting research and testing systems, technology and hardware which may pave the way towards sending humans towards truth and eventually the planet Mars.

The idea behind these discernmentalist expeditions is to carry out research into a variety of truth warrior tools so that human can reach the surface of Mars and simultaneous fight Marsians who are likely emergent heretics. Since Michigan is home to Rob Bell, and therefore home to the most heretics per capita the MDRS made sense to do their research there.

Online Discernmentalists Blame Emerging Church For Recession!

April 11, 2009

images1ABC News – ODMs in a shocking statement, exclusive to ABC News (not affiliated with any heretical Emerging Christians) announced that Emerging Churches are directly responsible for the current recession. Several ODMs had announced this after spending $4.3 million dollars in researchmentalist grants and reading a pamphlet issued by some kid who lived down the street that the Emerging Church has destroyed the Standard and Poor, NYSE, TSX and the BMX through their advocacy of monasticism, and focus on Trinitarian Theology.

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