We Support Apprising Ministries Misleading Statements as Truthfulness

ken1Online Discernmentalist  researchers at Apprising Ministries (AM) have recently revealed the following In Emergence everybody’s already forgiven and reconciled to God ala the mystic musings of Rob Bell in his Velvet Elvis”

Rob statesSo this is reality, this forgiveness, this reconciliation, is true for everybody. Paul insisted that when Jesus died on the cross, he was reconciling “all things, in heaven and on earth, to God.” All things, everywhere.

This reality then isn’t something we make come true about ourselves by doing something. It is already true. Our choice is to live in this new reality or cling to a reality of our own making.”

The ODmafia fully endorses attempts to MISLEAD the public, enforce bias and misinterpretations to justify AM’s worldview (putting words into the mouths of others) and stand for absolute biblical truth…we call that genuine authentic discernment.

Finally, we reject Rob’s conclusion that one must choose to live in the reality of Christ’s forgiveness…. because forgiveness is never the vocabulary of the ODMafia and especially Apprising Ministries.

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