fur1The ODMafia is self-righteously angered over TIM CHALLIES latest missive “fighting fur with fur.

First, he makes OUTRAGEOUS claims such as “Much discussion, much gratitude, much criticism ensued.”He didn’t name us or anyone else in the discussion and without ODMafia it is not a legitimate discussion…..

Second, we were a little more inclined to enjoy “I received plenty of ugly, angry rebukes and a few kind, gentle rebukes” since ODMs like angry and holier-then-thou outrage…although miffed at the “kind, gentle” rebukes.

Someeone who has gone soft. We will FIND the softies and reprimand them….we promise!

Third, we are highly suspect of Challies take on honesty – read on “I suppose you’ll just have to take my word for this one, but I did not censor any comments.” Many ODMs do not allow any feedback to control the TRUTH….start by selecting “no comments ” on your blog.

Fourth, Challies makes a number of interesting points and even suggests that others are better writers (we hope he means us), and more specifically we suggest that if he is going to make it as a BIG TIME ODM he has to act for LESS humble and turn up the self-righteous anger a few notches.

Challies, remember ODMs do not admit to being wrong, or that others may have a point – ever! We are warning you (this is a stern TRUTH WARRIOR REBUKE) in case you are getting all soft, seeking unity and loving your enemies and all the non-sense parts of the bible we are supposed to ignore.

In summary; get angry (self-rightelously), be caustic, and proclaim truth as if it is a battering ram to bludgeon and subdue your fellow believers. Tim Challies is simply doing it all wrong….


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