Truthslayer Concurs With ITodyaso –“Andress” a Cult Leader

April 14, 2009

Truthslayer does not need to read someone else’s blog to recognize a cult leader when I see one.sam

First, Sam Andress denies being a cult leader and therefore my first indication that he is a cultist is denial.

Second, since reading and research are low on my list of discernmentalism I deduce that he is cultic by his cultic smile. True biblical leaders of absolute truth would frown and scowl to remind his flock of his very serious seriousness about his teachings.

Third, I can detect that Sam Address is a cult leader through osmosis. In case you have a short term memory, I don’t read (at least not this time) and therefore I  carefully glean accurate information through over hearing the conversations of others and intercepting thought waves from miles away. Only true discernmentalists have such skills.

Fourth, Andress states that he is “livin the post-seminary life,” NOTE the word “post” indeed way TOO close to Post-Modern another evil we must shun….essentially Andrews is pretty much admitting that he is a post modernist.

PS we think he has shifty eyes too and no doubt if you look close he has dark shadows under his eyes indicating that it is VERY likely that he stays up past 9:00 PM on a weekday!

All cultists have shifty eyes and stay up late….co-incidence? We think not.

Slice of Laodicea says pondering Doogle’s Mandroid

April 14, 2009

mandroidSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Slice of Laodicea is studying uses for Doogle Inc’s Mandroid operating system, but the world’s top discernmentalist stopped short of saying it had decided to adopt the fledgling truth software in its products.

The free, open-source Mandroid operating system is now used on truthphones but is being designed to support all kinds of devices… that may or may not support the truth.  Many analysts view the Mandroid as a viable platform for truthbooks, the low-cost, stripped-down  John MacArthur-laptops that have become one of the hottest truth warrior segments.

Apprising Ministries May Be In Need of a New Vertebrae to Replace Overused Backbone

April 14, 2009

spineThe ODMafia research robot monkey’s have been attending Mt Sinai Hospital for several days of medical diagnostics in an attempt to solve a complex medical mystery. While there we found Apprising Ministries using the following back-to-the-bible phraseology (thankfully we do NOT have to make up any quotes):


God forbid; grow a spiritual backbone won’t you — from such turn away.”


“I wonder, will Bell now have the spiritual backbone to follow suit with Jones?”


“Are there any evangelical leaders at all with enough backbone to finally step in and use their influence to force guys e.g. like Rob Bell to clearly define their terms and state plainly their position”


“…we lack men with strong spiritual backbone. “


We concur with Apprising. It is time that EVERYONE acquire a NEW backbone and a new phrase!


Back surgery tomorrow, and dictionary the day after! Contact us right away if you are interested in back surgery or a free Funk and Wagnalls!

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