Discernmentalist Revolver “not done” yet, still looking for a sinner

sinner1Discernmentalist Revolver, the Grammy-winning rock group founded by three former members of Slice N’ Roses, is not ready to call it a day even though they have yet to find a new sinner.

The band ousted  a band member in April 2008, following an unusually public feud, they are currently pointing out various sinners but have yet to name the top one.

“We have several sinners in mind” says band member but notes “we have a lot of judging ahead of us before we make up our mind!”

Discernmentalist Revolver recorded its first track “Judging You Judging Me” for the soundtrack for the movie Truth Wars a 1977 Sci Fi blockbuster. The band also recorded a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Send Me Money” which is featured in the movie “Discernmentalist and The Furious”

The band was confident that by the end of the year they would choose the right sinner.

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