Black Ops Discernment nano-copter gets demo’ed!

April 18, 2009


The nano-copter has already gone through a number of different prototypes and test flights, but it looks like things have really started to come together with the last few models. One ODM spokesman was delighted with possible discernmentalist capabilities; “We can now spot sin from over a mile away or up to a few feet.”

In one indoor simulated mission, they believe that they can now prove for the next time whether James MacDonald really supports Obama. ODM spokesman notes “This time we will have a nano-copter right there just in case James MacDonald smiles, shakes Obama’s hand, or nods…”

The latest Discernment nano-copters will be running on an old Atari 800 platform with 64K and laser guided heresy interceptors.

ODMAfia Research Robot Monkeys can think for themselves so says scientists

April 18, 2009


LONDON (Reuters) – Watch out scientists — you may be replaced by a robot. Most discernmentalists are already replaced by Research Robot  Monkeys.

Two teams of researchers said on Thursday they had created machines that could judge, stretch the truth and create new and innovative ways of name calling on their own, marking a major advance in the field of artificial intelligence. Its too bad that they did not check with us first! Our Research Robot Monkeys do everything these scientists envision and more; they make toast and execute character assassinations before 9AM!!!

Such robo-scientists could be put to work unraveling complex discernmental logical systems executed by discernmentalists which  is still a deep dark mystery for most people.

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