Ingrid Schlueter vies for judge Judy’s job!

April 20, 2009



Judge Judy might be out of a job if Ingrid Schlueter has her way. Ingrid Schlueter is attempting to purchase the Judge Judy show to use as her new platform for Slice of Laodicea. Ingrid tells us this through secret transmissions caught by Discernmentalist who are in Black Opt positions around the secular media. Ingrid hopes to change the format to be more like the Reformation times which would include torture and burning at the stake of those she so judges as not worthy of God’s Grace. Ingrid guarantees there will be much judging and condemning of sinners.


Ingrid Schlueter made this decision after witnessing the “gay” kiss that was exchanged between Judge Judy and actor Florence Henderson. Ingrid declared Judge Judy as not acceptable to make clear judgments about others if she lives such a lascivious lifestyle.

I Todyaso agrees with….. Himself!

April 20, 2009




In a recent post I did where I pointed out that cult leader Sam Andress countered Ken Silva’s incredible research, I also pointed out that Sam Andress was a cult leader. To add to this, Truthslayer also agreed with me. Now, I agree with myself… Again!


Yes, I am that incredible of a Discernmentalist that I am not only agreed with by Ken Silva and Truthslayer… but that I also agree with myself! This of course makes me most… agreeable!


I Todyaso

Parody and Satire is really hate!

April 20, 2009



It has been brought to my attention that there are satire/parody sites that actually MOCK the church. How grievous it is to think that there are those sites out there who think satire and parody is an appropriate way to speak God’s truth to those THEY think need to be more humble and loving to others.


One site really grieves me is The Sacred Sandwich. I know it is one I will be watching closely. Another site is Larknews… Good grief they make things up and sometimes even make things up about real people… of course you will NEVER see that here on the ODMafia… we may lie and slander people but we will not JUST make anything up!


Another site that really hurts my spirit is The Wittenburg Door… how sad these people are to actually use Martin Luther’s idea! And once again… they often just make things up.


All of these sites claim to be promoting “truth” in the form of humor… and we here at the ODMafia see no humor in it at all! These people only show how much they hate the REAL CHURCH…


Only read this site for the most valuable news that is worthy of OUR DOCTRINE and OUR TRUTH. If you are a TRUTH Warrior then never go to those hideous sites as they might give you a warped perspective of what is appropriate for others… I have now decided to hate these Sandcastle ministires… and if you link to them you might get more hits to your blog, but you will most assuredly end up in the deepest regions of Hell!


I do not just warn you…


I. Todyaso

Report says online discernmentalism surging in recession

April 20, 2009

surgeEcho Bay (Reuters) – Online discernmentalism  increased by 33 percent last year, rising for the first time in three years, and is surging this year as the recession deepens, federal authorities said on Monday.

Online discernmentalism reported in the United States reached a record h 264.6 million  people for the truth in 2008, according to a report released on Monday from the Internet Ministry of Truth, run by the FBI.

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