Ingrid Schlueter vies for judge Judy’s job!



Judge Judy might be out of a job if Ingrid Schlueter has her way. Ingrid Schlueter is attempting to purchase the Judge Judy show to use as her new platform for Slice of Laodicea. Ingrid tells us this through secret transmissions caught by Discernmentalist who are in Black Opt positions around the secular media. Ingrid hopes to change the format to be more like the Reformation times which would include torture and burning at the stake of those she so judges as not worthy of God’s Grace. Ingrid guarantees there will be much judging and condemning of sinners.


Ingrid Schlueter made this decision after witnessing the “gay” kiss that was exchanged between Judge Judy and actor Florence Henderson. Ingrid declared Judge Judy as not acceptable to make clear judgments about others if she lives such a lascivious lifestyle.

One Response to Ingrid Schlueter vies for judge Judy’s job!

  1. Bill says:

    JUDGE JUDY is GAY? Please don’t tell me this, I will lose all respect for her. She may as well just be on the Ellen Show passing judgement.


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