Windows System 7 Orthodox Edition

April 22, 2009


Windows 7 (formerly codenamed Truthbomb) will be the next version of Apprising Windows, an operating system produced by Apprising Corporation for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, netbooks and media center PCs. Representatives of Apprising estimated in 2007 that Windows 7 Orthodox Edition would have a three-year development time frame following the release of its predecessor Windows Virtue but that the release date would ultimately be determined by product quality.

Apprising Windows pushed ahead the release date in case the rival OS Purpose Driven Icons was rushed into production before the expected date of release.

Top Discernmentalist Movies of All Time

April 22, 2009


1) Gone with the Discernmentalist
Gone with the Discernmentalist is a romantic drama set in the United States of America during the   Truth Wars and follows the life of Discernmentalists from various ministries as they attempt to display more truth, anger, and outrage than other truth warrior ministries. John MacArthur guest stars as the ultimate truth warrior.

2) Discernmentalists of Arabia
Discernmentalists of Arabia stars Eric Barger who in this movie organized the Discernmentalist overthrow of the Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Ministry, then watched in dismay as the Discernmentalist powers reneged on their promise…destroying each other as they bickered over non-essential theology.

3) The Discernmentalists Candidate
Brainwashed Discernmentalist POW  becomes a religious character assassin when he returns home to seek out vengence against those he does not agree with. Christians from various walks of life are mischaracterized as false teachers and heretics using carefuly crafted discernmentalist techniques such as name calling and presumption.

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