New Pope Elected!

pope1We at the ODMafia are proud to announce the election of a new Discernmentalist POPE!

Who is this expert on abomination?

By what authority does he appoint himself Pope?

Just like the Roman Catholic pope “there is no reason for discussion or argument” says blogger ABOMINATION NATION !!!

Abomination Nation has come out slugging – exercising keen discernmentalism at its BEST such as overgeneralizations, presumption and cold hard “facts.”

Therefore, the Online Discernmentalist Mafia welcomes the Pope of Discernmentalism to the ODM flock.

Gather round fellow Cardinals and give your vicar Pope Abomination the respect due!

2 Responses to New Pope Elected!

  1. Ciara McCormack says:

    Hi I’m looking to use the image on you’re site of the pope with his hands over his eyes making the shape of a pair of glasses can you tell me where you sourced this images as I would like to use it as part of a new tv satire programme in Ireland. I’d appreciate it if you would get back to me when you get this as my deadline is Monday evening. Kind regards



  2. benoy says:

    hai his holines bless me. what are you looking for


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