ABOMINATION NATION This is a non- interactive blog!


Exciting non-interactive blog ABOMINATION NATION is a new and non-dynamic site exposing false teachers and readers (ie like YOU guys!) This non-interactive blog  (like other online discernmentalist ministers of the truth) does not allow for feedback, input or correction etc because we realize that TRUTHINESS is weak and should not be challenged.

TRUTHINESS cannot stand up to investigation, inquisitiveness, inquiries or questions. That is why these blogs allow no feedback. We (ODMafia) are in the midst of stopping (ie squashing feedback) but for some reason the control panel on our blog is malfunctioning allowing sinners, the unrighteous, anti-truthites etc to post things that are against truth., or worse  – statements that disagree with us. We demand rigid authoritarian control of all blogs!!!

Information should be PIPED one way – into your mind so that it alleviates you from any hard work – like thinking! Remember, let the ODMafia and others do the discerning for YOU!!!

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