Benny Hinn Heals Wheelchair

April 27, 2009

According to whABC Investigative News sources Benny Hinn healed a wheel chair accidentally. Hinn had summoned several people on stage with a variety of disabilities and ailments. Numerous people came forward with wheelchairs that were in serious disrepair. After his miracle working it was discovered the ONLY thing healed was a previously rickety wheel chair that had a bent axle, rusty spokes, and one busted wheel.

ABC Investigative News sources are speechless….

…we too are without speech.

Bible was dropped from the sky!

April 27, 2009


Actual recreation of God tossing Bible from Heaven!


Yes we here at the ODMafia believe the Bible was never touched in its original form by human hands. It was by Divine Fiat and dropped from the sky directly from God’s mouth to mankind. Ken Silva is right! God’s Divine Fiat, the Bible was not just inspired, but to say that any human had part in writing it is heresy! Just as God spoke the creation into existence and creation is a product of Divine Fiat, so the Bible is according to Ken Silva. We all know that there is none that compare (except for me!) in the Truth of all things concerning True Christianity. We of the Truth Faith of OUR doctrines see the Bible as equal to Jesus! In fact, if Jesus stated something, and it does not line up to our beliefs we will only believe the Bible as WE understand it. We will also go as far as re-writing historical Christianity and disregard any so-called theologian that disagrees with us. This is the HOLY BIBLE we are talking about… it is to be worshipped!



Emergent version of Divine Fiat!

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