Discernmentalist Kong

April 28, 2009


Discernmentalist Kong is the greatest of the great discernmentalist-apes movies! This story is about a discernmentalist ape who tragically pursues his helpless, hopeless passion (discernmentalizing), as he emerged from his jungle lair as the ultimate truth warrior. This remains one of the movies’ immortal tales of unrequited judgmentalism. And the heartbroken, heartbreaking look in his eyes as the planes shoot him off the Emergent State building remains the greatest single special effects shot ever made.

NBC renews “Law & Judgementalism: SVU”

April 28, 2009

judgmentalNBC has renewed “Law & Judgementalism: Special Victims Unit,” but the two discernmentalists of the show,   still have no deals to return.

After lengthy talks, the network has closed a pact with Stretching-The-Truth Films to bring the veteran discernmentalists drama back for an 11th season.

The popular TV drama is supported by audience and website soliticitation. Its two lead discernmentalists, who usually seek funds via several websites are still waiting to see if the public will cough up the cash.

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