Discernmentalist Kong


Discernmentalist Kong is the greatest of the great discernmentalist-apes movies! This story is about a discernmentalist ape who tragically pursues his helpless, hopeless passion (discernmentalizing), as he emerged from his jungle lair as the ultimate truth warrior. This remains one of the movies’ immortal tales of unrequited judgmentalism. And the heartbroken, heartbreaking look in his eyes as the planes shoot him off the Emergent State building remains the greatest single special effects shot ever made.

3 Responses to Discernmentalist Kong

  1. mountainguy says:

    I think the use of an ape is a subtle way to support evolutionism (God forbids!). IMO this is not a truly discernmentalist movie.


  2. truthslayer says:

    Mountain guy, we regret that you used the word ‘evolution’ and will have to ban you from this site for a full 60 SECONDS or until you retract your statement. We also feel dismayed because you think that ‘Discernmentalist Kong’ is not a true discernmentalist movie (our Research Robot Monkeys say otherwise!!!)

    Obviously you need to take more discernmentalist training….and you need to be a bit more angry.

    You have much to learn!


  3. itodyaso says:

    Our Research Robot Monkeys are never wrong…


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