Chris Rosebrough of Extreme Theology slips into Emerging Heresy!





As I was monitoring the discern mentalist world I came across Chris Rosebrough’s Extreme Theology blog. Sadly I read a quote by G.K Chesterton there. I hope Chris understands that that it is heresy to quote someone that Brian McLaren often quotes in his books. Repent of this sin… be careful you who associate with Chris as Chesterton is only one degree of separation from Brian McLaren who leans heavily on Chesterton’s theology. Note also that Chesterton was a ROMAN CATHOLIC! Note also that Liberal site Soujourners often quotes Chesterton! Repent Chris… repent!

5 Responses to Chris Rosebrough of Extreme Theology slips into Emerging Heresy!

  1. frank sumner says:

    chris,call me soon!business is good marketing seats.lots to discuss.317 782 3323 I continually laugh with you…..fs


  2. itodyaso says:

    Oh we will pass the message on as I am sure that Chris R will love spammers like you as much as we do.


  3. […] is just as bad as when our Research Robot Monkeys caught Chris Rosebrough quoting from the Brian McLaren endorsed Roman Catholic apostate G. K. Chesterto…. Why is asking someone to meditate on a Bible verse so evil you may ask—why it may lead […]


  4. karen says:

    The Catholic Church is the only faith founded by the divine….Jesus Christ. All others were created by men.


  5. Bobbienry says:

    Karen, my Orthodox friends would have a bone to pick with you….


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