Rob Bell Refuses Unnecessary debate

bellA very candid Bell informed his congregation on Sept 12, 2005 to not expend unnecessary energy on debate but to instead use it for more productive venues.  Of course we at ODMafia insist that he debate us and expend more time on doctrinal differences…. especially our minor pet doctrines that place you in or out of the kingdom.

Online Discernment Ministries also  demand that Rob Bell outline every belief, thought and word that he preaches…. it is OUR RIGHT to know all  and criticize as we see fit  so that truth can remain safe and secure in ODM arms. So far Rob Bell will not participate in any reindeer games enraging ODMs across the world.

4 Responses to Rob Bell Refuses Unnecessary debate

  1. dawkinswatch says:

    He is a leader of a church called Marrs Hill, he is into philosophy if we look at the book of Acts the Athens philospophers were ready to fight for their views.

    Rob Bell is a moving target, one minute he is a christian another he is a postmodernists.

    Look how do we resolve any problems which we have with this new cult if we are not going to debate with him.

    Debate is good.

    If we are a mafia then Peter was alsp a Mafia given that he asked questions of Simon the magus in Acts 8.


  2. truthslayer says:

    we have to watch for dangerous philosophers like William Lane Craig, and Gary Habermas too….who seek to fortify the faith using this methodology. Before we know it we may be using logic and good arguments to defend the teachings of Christ. One minute they are philosophers, the other they are Christians….which is it? If Rob Bell continues to use his imagination and philosophy in explaining the faith TOO many people might get it…and we need to have fewer people in the Kingdom (ie only righteous people).


  3. Arthur McJohn says:

    William Lane Craig? Rob Bell? No way!! Even Richard Dawkins is much more orthodox than them


  4. truthslayer says:

    Arthur….you are well on your way to expert discernmentalism….(-:


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