Slice of Laodicea (SoL) slices price of TruthStation 2 to $99.99

May 1, 2009

toastSoL has sliced prices to the Online Discernmentalist gaming system TruthStation 2 by 23 percent to $99.99, effective June 1. The price cut could sustain the life of the TS2, which has sold more than 136 million units since its debut in 2000, making it the world’s popular truth system, SoL said on Tuesday.

The TruthStation 2, while technically not a discernmentalist gaming system reports errors and gaming malfunctions of other systems.

Sales of theTS3 have lagged behind those of Rick Warren’s   Wii-Unity console and Rob Bell’s  H-box 360.

Online discernment collaboration reveals new mouse

May 1, 2009


In an unprecedented collaboration of numerous discernmentalist ministries….the brand new TRUTHmouse has been developed in conjunction with a black ops support of the Pentagon arm of truth.

A spokesman suggested “This TRUTHmouse has never seen before red buttons that are set on the front of the device, allowing discernmentalists to ‘red button‘ heretics on the fly. A thumb apparatus on the side of the mouse allows discernmentalists to quickly avoid main-liners, non-truth warriors, & tough questions with the flick of a button.”

It is reported that the 3 year collaboration was a $1.2 billion dollar venture that will be linked to the newly released Truthbook laptops.

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