CDC confirms more discernmentalist contamination

conThe Centre for Discernmentalist Control (CDC)  said today it has confirmed 109 cases of discernmentalist flu in the United States, an increase of 45 from its previous report. The virus has been confirmed in 11 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces. Over the past week, CNN has been inundated with questions about the flu, technically known as 2009 H1N1 (H-heresy 1, Non-truth 1).

The discernmentalist flu has the following symptoms

1) Balance in world view

2) Objectivity

3) Humility

4) Careful Research

5) Enemy love

If any discernmentalist ministries detects these dangerous symptoms report them to the ODMAFIA at once for innoculation! Don’t give into this HORRENDOUS flu!!!


2 Responses to CDC confirms more discernmentalist contamination

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    And this is related to your investigation on emerging church is a disease:

    The “enemy love” issue is the most dangerous. Keep the good job CDC!!


  2. itodyaso says:

    Yes, we know that we do not battle against flesh and blood yet if someone is God’s enemy, we are also their enemy… so as far as this ministries purpose hate triumphs love.

    Thanks Arthur McJohn (boy your name sounds familiar somehow) for pointing out the other well researched article also. I had not realized just how incredible the ministry of the ODMafia is.

    WIhtout the ODMafia all other ODM’s would be a joke! We truly give them the credibility they deserve!

    So humbled we are by our own greatness!

    I. Todyaso


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