CRN keeps tabs of whether Ingrid of Slice is a woman or not!

May 3, 2009

CRN agrees with Schuleter, who at last check is a Christian woman herself, who said: “If this is an example of Christian womanhood, who needs it?

We agree that Ingrid is a woman and did not need to subject Ingrid to any type of examination to find out otherwise!

In fact we did not even need to prove it by placing a perverted secular song to prove our point that Ingrid is a woman… we just discerned that a long time ago! We have not even seconded guessed out original thought on this as CRN seems to have.

Now, the other issue with the song used is that it is very “worldly”… women screaming “sock it to me” which means in today’s youth culture, “Have sex with me, cuz I am a woman!” No we here at the ODMafia respect women… especially married women like Ingrid. No, we did not even need to hear this song to talk about some sex fiend who grabs women at the beach by the hair and takes them back to his cave to rape them! Is that a truly Godly message we want to send to our kids and young women? Abduction, rape and abusing women is not funny Pastor Ken Silva! Shame on you!

No this is not parody on CRN’s site… this is a song about the abduction and rape of Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters, who after her abduction, falls in love with her abductor/rapist. This is really sick stuff!

This is just sickening that CRN used this song to prove Ingrid is a woman… and we are truly sickened by this lapse of judgmenalism let alone discernmentalism on CRN’s part. Ingrid should be outraged over this! We here truly feel sorrow for CRN as they promote abduction, rape and hot pants. And why does CRN want us to check out Ingrid’s breast implants? I guess sex sells! Repent! This is as bad as a Mark Driscoll sermon! At least Mark Driscoll calls out abusive men and does not promote the abuse of women by using sick humor to prove Ingrid is a woman! Ingrid call your lawyers and have that site closed down!

Online Discermentalists rejects computer spy claims as “ghost of Cold War”

May 3, 2009

spyODMs on Tuesday rejected a report suggesting it may be involved in using computer networks to spy on exiled heretics,  emergent teachers, Bill Hybels, and Billy Graham  accusing its authors of being possessed by “the ghost of the Cold War. ODM’s even denied the term “ghosts of Cold War” suggesting that it had occultic connotations.

ODMs are known to keep their spy-cams on Billy Graham 24/7 just in case there is the chance that he may lower himself to speaking to a liberal (or another unauthorized person that the true annointed would never speak to)

Discernmentalists carving up new territory

May 3, 2009


Discernmentalists from all over the world converged Wednesday night at a symposium to decide who gets what truth-territory.

Truth warriors have been battling to for territory truth rights for years and now they can avoid overlap and be 1.8% more efficient in their truth telling endeavours.

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