Sisterhood of the travelling rants – based on real life Slice of Laodicea

May 5, 2009


Sisterhood of the Travelling Rants centers around the real life ministry of Slice of Laodicea (SoL).  In this movie SoL teams up with other ministries, the Red Pen, Paul Proctor, Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries, and Apprising Ministries who have spent their entire lives together in LittleBigRant, Iowa….but are about to separate for the first time this summer. On the eve of separation they decide to share the SAME rant between ministries to keep them together in spirit for the entire season.

Stay tuned this summer for a blockbuster you will never forget!

Beware of the new Star Trek movie!

May 5, 2009

This is a warning against the new Star Trek movie as it might contain entertainment!

Steve Camp loses Slice and shakes hands with the enemy!

May 5, 2009

A few years ago Steve Camp repented over blasphemous songs like this one and began writing songs about Martin Luther. Now it seems he is returning to the girly grace God he once sang about!

 Yes, Steve Camp is now even LESS judgmental than he was a year ago. We told you something was amiss as Steve Camp seems to be deleting great ODM sites like Slice and putting sites like Richard Abanes’ up in their place. Team Pyro was first to remove Ingrid’s site… then Steve and several others. This truly concerns us as now we have to make new T-shirts that say Steve Camp is now 48% less judgmental. Shame is brought to us all!

Now we are not offended by Steve Camp as the ODMafia was never listed by him either. Now there was a time people joked about being Slice Shunned slice-shunned and now it seems only the real ODM blogs like ODMafia and Slice are shunned for being so great! I consider that an endorsement!

Now it seems Steve is leaving Laodicea and he will be greatly missed!

Is Ingrid secretly supporting the Gay Agenda?!?

May 5, 2009



It seems that my GBA (guilt by association) radar was tingling so I cruised over to Slice to see what was up. To my complete and utter horror Ingrid was quoting Mike Rowe in attacking the anti- modesty movement of the Church. Michael Rowe is a contributor to the Gay and Lesbian magazine, The Advocate.

(Michael Rowe is not to be confused with Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs”)

Now Ingrid, it is fine to confront those sinners with the Bible as that is it’s purpose, to condemn sinners. Jesus came to save but gave us the job of pointing out those who are not as worthy of Grace as we are so again, I am fine with you doing that. But to quote a Gay advocate to support your view seems to be stepping into “emerging” territory which we know is heretical in all its forms is just unacceptable!

Repent Ingrid and delete that post now as it is an embarrassment that you would quote a gay man as if you supported his lifestyle!

ODMafia Sets Sights on Lunar X Prize

May 5, 2009

moonODmafia is one of seven teams so far to have sent in a letter of intent and a $1,000 deposit to compete for the $20 million grand prize, according to iTodyaso of being the first person to send a Discernmentalist Ministry on a one way trip to the moon.

A spokesman for several Online Discernmentalist Ministries were outraged when they discovered that an atmosphere does not exist on the lunar surface and they had no way of speaking the truth.

The ODMafia is working vigorously to be the first online discernmentalist to be sent to the moon. However, we plan to return after converting and training any moon-men living under the lunar surface.

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