ODMafia Sets Sights on Lunar X Prize

moonODmafia is one of seven teams so far to have sent in a letter of intent and a $1,000 deposit to compete for the $20 million grand prize, according to iTodyaso of being the first person to send a Discernmentalist Ministry on a one way trip to the moon.

A spokesman for several Online Discernmentalist Ministries were outraged when they discovered that an atmosphere does not exist on the lunar surface and they had no way of speaking the truth.

The ODMafia is working vigorously to be the first online discernmentalist to be sent to the moon. However, we plan to return after converting and training any moon-men living under the lunar surface.


2 Responses to ODMafia Sets Sights on Lunar X Prize

  1. Buffum says:

    I am in a frenzy over fathers day coming up. My dad is soo cool let me tell you. No really I haven’t the slighest clue what to get him for fathers day. Most years I don’t really get my dad anything for fathers day. He didn’t provide anything for me, I mean I paid for my college myself, bought my first car myself, oops this isn’t my appointment with my shrink. I know im slap happy people just tell me what hobbies your fathers have for this coming holiday please please. Actually I just need your opinions on what to get dad for fathers day.


  2. itodyaso says:

    I suggest you get the newest anti-spam software from Norton or some other antispamware. It would do great from letting people be subjected to sites and fake comments like yours.

    Yet, I think your father would love a huge hobby warehouse! … yep he could store all you RC boats and things in it and when people go to your site you spammed they can buy, buy, buy and most assuredly be ripped off by you as I doubt you are a legit business…. as what legit business resorts to spamming other sites? None that I know of… well maybe Huge Hobby Warehouse might be legit, but very unethical in its business practices…

    I suggest you stop spamming people’s sites and build your business the old fashion way… by hard work… and happy customers word of mouth.

    Now go back to your shrink and deal with your issue of inadequacy that drives you to spam others without a thought of how unethical it is.

    Hey thanks for asking what we think you should do you ninny!


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