Steve Camp loses Slice and shakes hands with the enemy!

A few years ago Steve Camp repented over blasphemous songs like this one and began writing songs about Martin Luther. Now it seems he is returning to the girly grace God he once sang about!

 Yes, Steve Camp is now even LESS judgmental than he was a year ago. We told you something was amiss as Steve Camp seems to be deleting great ODM sites like Slice and putting sites like Richard Abanes’ up in their place. Team Pyro was first to remove Ingrid’s site… then Steve and several others. This truly concerns us as now we have to make new T-shirts that say Steve Camp is now 48% less judgmental. Shame is brought to us all!

Now we are not offended by Steve Camp as the ODMafia was never listed by him either. Now there was a time people joked about being Slice Shunned slice-shunned and now it seems only the real ODM blogs like ODMafia and Slice are shunned for being so great! I consider that an endorsement!

Now it seems Steve is leaving Laodicea and he will be greatly missed!


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