Thousands rally in Tuscany for Truth-Warrior marriages

protestThousands of people rallied in Tuscany, New Hampshire  on Tuesday in a call for truth-warrior marriages to be legal in the State of New Hampshire.

The State Assembly is expected to start discussing the idea next week  who wants to make New Hampshire the 5th state in the country to allow truth warrior marriages.

From the start, there was no escaping Tuesday’s rally  where 2,000 people telling lawmakers to legalize truth warrior marriages in the state.

The Governor introduced truth warrior marriage equality legislation. He stated publicly “for years truth warriors were forbidden to marry in fear that they would breed more truth warriors, the only thing to fear is fear itself” Truth warriors refuse to back down, insisting that they should be allowed to marry, have kids and judge others.

“I want to welcome you to New Hampshire, and tell you that when you leave, New Hampshire will have pride,” he said to the crowd.

James MacDonald has essentially made this a cornerstone of his second year in office – hoping to not go the way of California, which banned truth warrior marriages last year through Proposition 1.

The ODmafia is a little bit uncomfortable with the  term “proposition,“…especially since that unfortunate incident last week downtown.


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