Presumptuous Nation!


In Online Discernmentalists fashion the Abomination Nation notes “This blog serves as a resource for information on false teachers, teachings, and movements. The content does not reflect my opinion whatsoever, but rather verifiable facts, so there is no reason for discussion or argument. “

So facts are bare bones. Never interpreted.

That is why when a fossils are discovered evolutionists and young earth creationists can ALWAYS agree on its age…because facts are bare bones (yes we love that pun!) and never ever have to be interpretative or discussed.

Thankfully with facts one NEVER has to interpret…. its there explaining everything for us.  We NEVER have to understand where another Christian (read apostate/heretic) is coming from because we ALREADY know the truth…and others do not.  Facts are MUCH easier to interpret that way.

The ODMafia believes facts do NOT need be discerned…no argument, no discussion.

Presumption. That is true discernmentalism at its bestest!

We keep you informed so that you don’t have to think!


2 Responses to Presumptuous Nation!

  1. Carol says:

    I changed the wording on my blog to be more clear. My intent was never to suggest that people stop thinking for themselves but rather to test for themselves. These “verifiable facts” are measured using the Bible, not myself.

    Your statement above says that you have nothing against “good” discernment ministries that do research. So obviously you think my blog falls short on this. But what you fail to realize is that what I put up is the end result of this research – handed to them on a platter. Now it is up to them to research for themselves (by reading the Bible) to see if they are biblical or not. Any Christian with an ounce of discernment will know immediately that the people and movements listed on my blog are absolutely false. But there are those who do not know; who may have a smaller measure of discernment and this is where I come in. In other words I’m encouraging them to think for themselves – I’m just giving them a starting point.

    And as far as “extending grace to others”…I am more concerned about the spiritual condition of the believer than I am about the wolves who are out to destroy them! Would you not warn a friend if you saw them on a jet heading for destruction? Hopefully you would.

    If you notice, everything on that site is copied and pasted from other sites – hence not my opinions. So if you’ve got issues, then take it up with the original authors, not me. But I do go into depth about these things and many others things on another blog (which IS interactive).

    Take care and have fun on your little blog. I’m happy to be a source for content for you.


  2. itodyaso says:


    Why change the wording to be more clear! We agree with you that no one should think about anything! We have the bible and then we force feed our Doctrines to others and that is how it has always been and was even in Jesus day!

    So before you state such foolish things… why not start allowing comments like we do… We here are not cowards and need to hide behind a wall of unaccountability. In fact we let all comments through pro or against us. Mostly so we can mock how stupid they are, but sometimes to make a painfully obvious point such as being accountable.

    So change what you want. We really don’t care.

    Personally I love that you post things that are not even your own opinion and do not need to discuss your non opinions you post with others.

    We here have strong opinions and will gladly tell anyone they are wrong in theirs.

    So keep posting your non-opinion well researched opinion pieces and we will comment on them as we wish as you will not bother to come here and discuss your non-opinion on what you posted that was not allowed to comment on your own blog. (Did that even make sense?)

    Let me say it this way… Funny you had to come to this blog and post your opinion on how well researched your own posts you do not even agree with are at your blog when you do not see your own opinion worthy to be discussed at your own blog…

    OK I can’t even tell if this is making sense! I personally would not state on my own blog that I do not agree with my own posts and that there will be no discussion or argument as my own view of the bible is the only correct view (Oh wait I would say my own view of the bible is the only correct view!) yet I would not go to another blog to discuss what I am not even willing to discuss at my own blog.

    Now I am just getting tired as I just cannot state clearly what I am trying to convey.

    One more time:

    You state:
    “The content does not reflect my opinion whatsoever so there is no reason for discussion or argument.”

    So nothing you post reflects what you really believe or is your own opinion? The why bother posting it!?

    “I encourage you to compare everything you read here with the Bible and you will see that these teachings and teachers etc. do not line up with Scripture.”

    Now when I read this I am unclear.. is it YOUR teachings from your well researched posts that do not reflect your own opinion? Or is it the people you post about whose teachings are unbiblical and you have no opinion on this of your own?

    Oh well I tried…

    I. Todyaso


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