Studio ups download figure for pirated “Trutherine”

Wolverine-origins-flAn unfinished pirated version of “X-Men Truth Warrior Origins: Trutherine” that hit the Internet March 34th, well before the film’s No. 1 debut in theaters, has been downloaded some 4  times, News Corp’s. 20th Discernmentalist Fox  said Tuesday.

Whether such online attention hurt “Trutherine” at the box office is debatable, but 20th Discernmentalist Fox assertion is about four times greater than previous estimates….first estimate was  ZERO.

At last year’s average ticket price of $1.18, the piracy could conceivably — though not likely — have cost 20th Discernmentalist Fox  $14.28.

The Online Discernmentalist Mafia was quoted as saying “Trutherine is a serious issue for us….he is portrayed as bold truth warrior, even if he is a Canadian (which is obviously a HUGE flaw), but we do not want him pirated.  If this happens Discernmentalism could suffer around the world, we want to be taken seriously.”

John MacArthur plays himself and makes a guest appearance as Trutherine’s mentor.

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