Still doing the opposite – Jehovah’s Witness proclaim bad news for all!

george copyThe ODMafia research robot monkeys have discerned that for all the hours Jehovah’s Witnesses expend going door to door proclaiming the BAD NEWS of Armageddon….they are still coming up with a lot of NO’s, DOOR SLAMS, or potential victims hiding behind their curtains pretending NOT to be home….

Why? Perhaps it is their ELITE track record of End of the World Predictions…that are almost always spot on!

Armageddon is just around the corner… the Watchtower. Honest!

Armageddon predicted….








Its not the Watchtower’s fault, God’s light obviously was dimmer then and brighter now. Maybe the WTS is dyslexic? Perhaps they’re simply not good with numbers.

So we can be sure that the next date will be closer to the truth….or we can at least take comfort that the National Enquirer is just as accurate.


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