Truth Trek – A Series Resurrected! Gregory Boyd the new enemy!


Truth Trek, is easily the summer movie by which all of 2009’s will be measured by! The original show featured online discermentalists busting heads for truth thru-out the galaxy and battling aliens, emergents, liberals, people mistaken as liberals, conservatives etc and vaporizing them if doctrine did not pass the H-Ray detector test.

Today, we see Truth Trek resurrected, remade, redone, redeux! Based on the original series written and co-authored by numerous ODMs to create this summer blockbuster. In this movie they battle against Romulan bad-boy named Gregory Boyd who subscribes to Open Theism. Our fellow truthwarriors using Enlightenment/Modern thought (often confused for truth) injected into their theology fight people they believe are bad guys through wormholes, time travel and blackholes (ie essentially the usual sci-fi gobbly-gook disguising presumption, misquoting and character assassinations).

Old School truth-trekkers will enjoy this movie with the same-old same old action, presuppositions, quotations and glib remarks. “Get a backbone” a popular classic TRUTH TREK line is used several times as is “absolute truth of the bible” which will warm the hearts of many a nostaligic viewer.

* Editors note: H-Ray = heresy detection device first created in the 1960s Truth Trek series.


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