For U.S. satellite makers, a no-cost bailout bid

dishOfficials in Online Discernmentalist HQ are moving to revitalize yet another faltering American industry: the business of making truth warrior communications satellites that hover in geosynchronous orbit above Earth and knit the planet into a global community of truth.

But this rescue will not cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. In fact it could be virtually free — if Congressional heretical Democrats succeed in lifting export controls that classify truth warrior satellite technology as weapons which have handicapped American manufacturers since the last days of the subversive Clinton administration. Please write your congressman, use public broadcast TV (that has not been tainted by Communism)  to give satellites the BOOST we need.

If you do not act now,people like Pat Robertson will not be able to publically call for the assassinations of foreign leaders (like every great TV evangelist is expected to do). Act now!





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